Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner

The Air Cleaner is a functional part that purifies vehicle intake air used for engine combustion.

By utilizing, and taking advantage of our technical partner MR Filtration in Korea, we have excellent design capabilities and CAE technology along with our experience with injection, blow and rubber molding technologies and other value added manufacturing; the Air Cleaner is able to achieve complex module designs while meeting all desired performance parameters for air purity, air flow resistance and sound tuning in a smaller package space.

Premier has experienced great success in meeting high level customer requirements for improved performance while concurrently achieving reduction in overall size and weight.

Air Cleaner Elements

The Air Cleaner Element is placed inside the Air Cleaner to eliminate dust, carbon and other pollution contained within the intake air from reaching the engine.

Premier is not only focusing on the best product design based on our customers requirements; but is also conducting research activities along with our partner to develop new, and improved, filtration media to solve the contradictory requirements of maximizing air cleaning performance while minimizing air flow resistance.


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TVS Jupiter

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